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GreenMile Live is a cloud-based, multi-platform mobile SaaS dispatching application and execution management system that allows companies to effectively view their delivery and service routes in real time with GPS tracking from practically any device, operating system, or wireless carrier. Manage exceptions, track unplanned stops and route path deviations, monitor the performance of your drivers, and ensure your route plan is executed correctly. Having up-to-the-minute information on where your drivers are, when they will make deliveries, and any alterations to their route plan is critical to properly manage your transportation business. GreenMile Live puts your delivery and service vehicle location scheduling and tracking in the Cloud, with secure access and customized reporting and dashboards.

GreenMile Live uses fleet tracking GPS to automatically update information regarding estimated arrival and departure times at customer locations for web-accessible track-and-trace capability. It can also be used to track planned vs. actual route mileage, driver hours, and delivery performance.